Railroad Utility Permitting

Railroad Utility Permitting

RailPros Field Services has nationwide experience in handling all railroad utility permitting services. The permitting team is skilled in working through complex issues surrounding railroad utility permits, meaning projects stay on track and are delivered on time.

Let RailPros Field Services handle permits for:

  • Wire line Crossings
  • Pipeline Crossings
  • Parallel Utility Encroachments
  • Maintenance Consent Access
  • Non-intrusive Permit to Surveys
  • Temporary Use Right-of-Entries

RailPros Field Services also specializes in On-site Structure Observation, providing qualified experts to oversee utility installations on railroad properties to help verify accuracy, location, depth construction methods, and safety. Our goal is to be proactive so our client’s right-of-way and track assets are protected from damage or disruption from a utility installation.


If your railroad is in need of our utility permitting and inspection services, call us at (877) 315-0513 or Contact Us to find out what we can do for you. You can also contact Utility Permitting directly at <http://www.privatedaddy.com?q=XktEVEFqVChOGDBTan1vJSNgZWpvD1YeMUgbfHxrZk56VA-3D-3D_19>

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