RailPros Introduces Aziz Aman

Welcome Aziz Aman, PE, RailPros newest Senior Structure/Utility Manager. 

Before coming to RailPros, Aziz enjoyed a 21-year career at Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). He managed bridge construction of railroad-funded projects for the western region recently and managed Structure Design of public funded Grade Separation Projects across 23 states in the past. He developed the original UPRR/BNSF Grade Separation Guidelines and worked on the Shoring and Demolition Guidelines. Other positions held at UPRR include Manager of Construction Projects, Manager of Bridge Maintenance, Manager of Industry and Public Projects, and Senior Structure Designer.

Aziz earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska.  Reach out and welcome Aziz at <> or (408) 815-6234.   

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